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Regan | Jennifer Bates Photography

My baby started college this month so we now have two in college.  (I have to say that fast, or else my eyes start leaking)  Out of our two girls, Regan’s the one who was definitely more ready to spread her wings.  She’s sharing an apartment in Kalamazoo with two friends and so far is completely loving her independence.  I think in the 3 short weeks she’s been there she’s already learned a few valuable lessons, but mainly, how much life costs!

I miss my little Regan-noodle like crazy and find myself wandering in her room at least once a day.  Regan has an uncanny sensitivity to other people’s moods and an even stronger ability to lift people up with her positive mood and cheerfulness.  Another thing about Reg’s… when that girl makes up her mind to do something, nobody will stop her!  I think this is such a gift and blessing of hers, and, although I miss her, I’m thrilled to see her conquering yet another goal.  As her biggest cheerleaders & fans, Neil and I pray daily for her success at KVCC.

Regan’s senior pictures are a perfect example of the two main travel sessions I offer clients: 1) a Lake Michigan beach portrait session, and 2) a fun & edgy Chicago senior portrait session.   It’s easy and fun to pull these travel shoots together.  I get pretty fired about about this extremely important milestone for seniors; a travel session would make it a million times more incredible and memorable.  Text, call or email me and we’ll set some plans in motion for you senior photoshoot.   734-637-1547  or



  • Linda Harris - September 26, 2014 - 9:31 pm

    You are awesome! We love all yours pictures.ReplyCancel

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