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What to do with your digital files

Photography is an investment in your children and your family.  Beautiful portraits hung carefully throughout your home bring smiles, hope, and pride.  Portraits that are visible in homes have been proven to raise the self-esteem of children.  And let’s be honest, from frazzled-mom-to-frazzled-mom, walking by that beautiful gallery wrap of your child, showing a moment of pure blissful delight and laughter, helps remind us why we put our heart and soul into caring for our family, doesn’t it?  Seeing beautiful images of those you love on a daily basis creates a feeling of pride, peace and satisfaction that cannot be replaced by images on a computer or cell phone.  Below are some examples of the beautiful collections of portrait art I can provide for you.

If you want more  than a USB of digital photos, if you know  you’re too busy to get those digital files up on your walls, and if you’re like everyone else and need help figuring out what sizes will fit on your own walls, then I welcome you to come in for a complimentary consult so I can show you just how delightfully easy it is.  I’m a full-service photography studio – let me show you what you’ve been missing.

I look forward to meeting you!

Jenn Bates
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“You never truly own a family portrait, you merely hold onto it for your children and your children’s children.”


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