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I remember, the tears welled up in my eyes as I sat on the edge of my sobbing daughter’s bed. It was 9:30 at night so I knew her being overly tired had something to do with the emotional collapse I was witnessing, but after multiple nights in a row, I knew her struggles with friends and school were wearing her thin. Feeling so helpless, I poured my love into her, and talked through her teenage problems with her until she was calm. Between drama with her middle school friends, academic pressure, rejection, and even temptation, the cards are stacked against kids at this transitional stage in life.

Feeling helpless is the worst and Lord knows I was doing my very best, as a single mom, to be both her mom and dad, saying everything I could say to encourage her and build up her self-esteem. I found myself developing a tone of ‘sounding like an industry expert’ when comforting my downtrodden daughters, so they didn’t suspect ‘you’re just saying that because you’re my mom’.

As I wiped her last tear, I walked into my eldest daughter’s room for goodnight hugs, and heard the familiar sounds of quiet sobs. Again, I felt tears sting my own eyes. Why does this age have to be so challenging for kids? Were my kids the only ones struggling like this?! I sat down on the edge of my eldest daughter’s bed and rubbed her back gently. After some quiet talking, she sighed deeply and looked more peaceful. I bent down and kissed the top of her tousled hair, saying a silent prayer as I inhaled. “Please Lord, walk with my precious daughters. You know what they need best, you know their struggles. Please equip me with the words and tools to help them through this difficult stage in their lives.”

My kids were blessed with good health, they weren’t battling a childhood disease or anything horrific like that. But like most teens, they battled insane levels of self-doubt, poor body image, waning confidence, and intense social pressure.

These two girls, MY FAMILY, are my life. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t have done for them to help them feel comfortable in their own skin, to feel more confident, to bolster their self-esteem. To give them a leg up. To make them feel special and unique. And to do all that without them seeing right through my ‘mom-lens’.

I started my business 11 years ago, and over the course of those years I went from photographing everything including car parts to pets to weddings, until I realized where my passion truly lies.

Today I specialize in photographing tweens & teens because of everything I’ve witnessed with my own daughters. It’s my mission to get as many girls in front of my camera as possible, so I can give them a leg up, so I can make them feel special and unique, so I can help bolster their confidence and self-esteem.

Does this sound like something your own daughter needs? If so, I welcome you to call, text, or email me, and let’s map out the perfect photoshoot for her.

My photoshoots are fun and creative and energizing! Every girl I photograph walks in super-nervous and finishes our shoot wishing it would never end!

If you would move mountains for your daughter…

…like I would for mine, this is an experience that will add to, and aid, her journey of self-love and confidence-building.

I look forward to meeting you both!

Cell/text 239-207-0003

As parents, WE know how beautifully unique and special are kids are, but sometimes it takes an outside influence to reveal to them what we see everyday. I am that influence.

At the time of this blog post, my ‘babies’ are 22 & 24 now, but here’s an old photo from when they were 14 & 16.


Are you happy with your current headshot?

I’ve been perusing all of your headshots on LinkedIn and Facebook, and, tssk tssk friends!  It looks like many of you need a fresh profile picture!  Here’s a short quiz:  If your headshot a year or more old, if it’s overwhelmingly yellowish in color (because it was taken in a dark room), if you had a friend photograph you with their iphone, if it looks like a 1990’s headshot, then you urgently need a new headshot or personal branding photo.

Headshot Special – save $50

New Year, new headshot!  For a limited time, I’m offering a Headshot special!  For $200, I’ll welcome you into my Fort Myers studio for a fun & effortless photoshoot.   Directly after your photoshoot, you’ll select your 2 favorite photos.  72 hours later, you’ll have your 2 beautifully retouched photos delivered to you via Dropbox.

All you need to do is pick up your phone and send me a text… 239-207-0003, and we’ll get your professional shoot scheduled asap in my Fort Myers studio.  Once your appointment is booked, simply pick out 2 suitable outfits for your shoot, and leave the rest to me!

For LinkedIn, Facebook, your company’s website

You’ll receive 2 professionally edited photos, to use on LinkedIn, Facebook, your company’s website.  I also include a square cropped version, so you’re not required to crop yourself (for website that require square profile photos, such as LinkedIn)

What are you waiting for?  I personally guarantee you will love your photos and your experience with me – if you’re not 110% satisfied, I’ll immediately refund your money.

Cell/text 239-207-0003

If you’re ready for a fresh look for your company’s website or brochure’s, I welcome you to take that first step.  CLICK HERE to be taken to my payment link.  Upon receipt of payment, I’ll contact you asap to get your headshot scheduled.  It’s as easy as that!


Parents are too busy to mess around with a CD of their Newborn’s pictures!

Today I’m here to talk about what to do with your newborn pictures after your photoshoot.  My clients are often surprised to learn that I love the design aspect of my job as much as taking pictures of newborns! I’m a full-service photography studio, meaning, I help you plan for your newborn’s portrait session during our consultation.  After our shoot, I help you get that sweet face up on your walls. This is my special design service that clients LOVE!

Another aspect of my design service are the beautiful keepsake albums I design for my busy clients. Below is an example of one of my newborn album designs.  After hearing clients repeatedly tell me, “I don’t even know where to start!”, I know all too well what happens to the disc of photos that photographers pass along to busy mommas.  As a result, that’s why I offer the services I do – I make the task of getting newborn pictures taken, AND doing something with those photos, as effortless and seamless as possible. My Google reviews from my treasured clients tell me I must be doing something right!

It only makes sense that we’d want to show our love for family throughout our home too.

If you’re ready for me to decorate your home with your precious angel’s beautiful face, I welcome you to email, call or text me. 239-207-0003 or

All the love and energy you pour into planning and raising your family – let me show you how gratifying it feels to walk down the hall and see their beautiful faces everyday. Family pictures are important.

fort myers newborn photographernewborn-picturesFinally, here’s this precious baby’s newborn album.
(Pictures don’t do it justice – but if you can imagine a beautifully supple purple/pearlescent leather album cover with luxuriously thick album pages:newborn-picturesnewborn-picturesnewborn-picturesnewborn-picturesnewborn-picturesnewborn-picturesnewborn-picturesnewborn-picturesnewborn-picturesnewborn-picturesAlmost every mom I talk to laments about how hard it is to find the time for newborn pictures.  Furthermore, they always cringe as they tell me it’s been three or more since their last family photo.  If this sounds familiar to you, I welcome you to contact me.  Let me show you what you’ve been missing, and let me show you how easy I can make this for you.  CLICK HERE FOR MY CONTACT PAGE.  Or simply email

If you’d like to see a few samples of recent newborn photoshoots, please CLICK HERE or HERE or HERE.


I was excited to meet this young talented dancer the other day!  Sophia needed a headshot and photographs of two ballet poses to submit to an audition for an elite summer dance program.  During our shoot, it was awesome hearing her mom share how passionate Sophia is about ballet but is also a light-hearted and happy little girl too.

I packed up my lighting and photographed Sophia right at her dance studio, Naples Dance Conservatory.  Our shoot lasted two hours; I was amazed at her attention span and enthusiasm!  Here are just a few sneak peeks from her photoshoot, more to come soon!

cell/text 239-207-0003


“We need family pictures!”

I had just climbed in bed after a long day of retouching corporate headshots when I felt my phone buzz with a new text message.  “Hello Jenn!  This is very last-minute, but would you have any availability for family pictures on the beach in Fort Myers or Sanibel Island tomorrow evening?  We are visiting from Portland and would love to get a family picture for a holiday card! ~Kelly”

There’s something about spending the evening “working” on a beautiful beach that makes me feel rebellious and alive.  The sand in my toes.  The sounds of the surf.  I texted Kelly back immediately, asking a few details about the size of her family and ages of her kiddos.  The next morning I followed up with a quick phone call, finalizing time & location details… and done.  Yes…it’s that easy to book me.  You have enough on your plate, my goal is to make ‘family pictures’ easy for you!  (If you’re ready for your own family photoshoot, shoot me a text and we’ll make it happen!  239-207-0003.)

The sunset made a stunning backdrop for beach photography.

That evening, I met Kelly & Chris’ beautiful family at Sanibel Island for their family photoshoot, and I think it’s safe to say we ALL had such an enjoyable time.  I loved working with this sweet family and enjoyed hearing about their recent Disney adventure.  It was a privilege to document this special time for them.  I got nostalgic as I was taking a photo of their eldest son.  I said quietly to him, “You’re going to remember this trip for a long long time!”  I was thinking back to when I took my own girls to Florida, when we still lived in Michigan.  The quality family time we had – I treasure those moments.  I wish I had had a budget for family pictures of my own back then, but being a single mom at the time, my modest vacation budget couldn’t permit it.

And for those of you wondering, yes, their shoot was last night, and yes, Kelly and Chris already have their beautiful family pictures in-hand, less than 24 hours later, while they’re still on vacation!  What a way to rub it in share your vacation with your friends & family back home stuck in 40 degree weather.

Kelly & Chris, it was wonderful meeting you – Happy Holidays and I hope you enjoy the rest of your family vacation here in Fort Myers!

cell/text 239-207-0003
fort-myers-family-photographerfort-myers-family-photographerfort-myers-family-photographerfort-myers-family-photographerfort-myers-family-photographerfort-myers-family-photographerfort-myers-family-photographerfort-myers-family-photographerfort-myers-family-photographerfort-myers-family-photographerfort-myers-family-photographerfort-myers-family-photographerfort-myers-family-photographerfort-myers-family-photographerfort-myers-family-photographerfort-myers-family-photographerfort-myers-family-photographerfort-myers-family-photographerIf the family photo hanging over your mantle is more than 3 years old, I welcome you to contact me through my website, or simply email me,, or call/text, 239-207-0003.  If you’d love a beautiful family photo on the beach, let’s talk!  If you’ve ‘done’ the beach and would like a new location, I have just the spot.

If you’d like to see a few samples of some recent family photoshoots, please CLICK HERE and HERE.