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Consider this a public service announcement of sorts.  This is not-at-all related to photography, but it touches on one of my larger pain-points in managing my busy household, and that is…the paperwork clutter!   The mail gets scooped out of the box by my loving husband, then carefully deposited at my place setting on our kitchen table.  Believe me, I’ve often thought, ‘Huh, can’t he see that half of that is junk mail?’

The joyful task of sorting, tossing, & shredding unwanted/unsolicited mail lands squarely on my plate.  The thing that grates on my nerves the most is the fact that I have to PAY to have this unsolicited mail disposed of.  Or, in the case of credit card offers, I have to burn or shred the mail myself, piece-by-piece (and I get about 2 offers a day).  And what a waste of our natural resources!!!

If you’re like me and would like to put the kibosh on a good chunk of the junk mail you receive, here are a few resources to help:

The big one…Credit card offers
I see unsolicited credit card offers as a direct threat to my family’s financial privacy, therefor I shred or burn every envelope I receive.  Go to where you’ll see a few options.
1. The first thing you’ll want to do is click the “CLICK HERE TO OPT-IN OR OPT-OUT” button.
2. Then select the “Electronic Opt-Out for 5 Years” option.  Complete & submit the form.
3. After you’ve submitted your info, ‘close that session’ and go back to the main page so you can select the “CLICK HERE TO OPT-IN OR OPT-OUT” button once again.
4. This time, select the “Permanent Opt-Out By Mail” option, and complete & submit the form.  THEN, PRINT that form (you’ll see a small hyperlink for this purpose).  Once printed, sign and date, etc, and mail to the address provided.

I personally just did this for every member in my household, seeing that my daughters are receiving a ton of unwanted credit card offers now too.

Unsubscribing from unwanted direct mail
I found this website to be very user-friendly.  The options provided give you the chance to opt-in or opt-out of unsolicited promotional mailings from Data & Marketing Association registered marketers.  The name of the website is  Follow the directions to register and create your own account.  For example, you’ll have the option of stopping ALL mail or selectively choosing which companies you’d like to keep hearing from.  This includes catalogs, magazine offers, and other mail offers.

Unsubscribing from unwanted catalogs
The quickest and most accurate option is to contact the company directly to request to be taken off future mailing lists.  But I recently discovered this website,, where you can selectively unsubscribe from the catalogs you receive.  The company’s mission is to help preserve our natural resources, amen!  What I liked about this service, besides the fact that it’s free, is that is goes by ‘address’ not name.  As an aside, I didn’t see Victoria’s Secret listed as an option to unsubscribe from, which was surprising to me.

Time-wise, this took me about 30 minutes (for all 4 members of my household), hitting all 3 websites mentioned above.

Anyway, I hope this small list helps you in some way!  Please feel free to share – and comment below on anything I may have missed!



Attention all current high school JUNIORS!  It’s that time again!  I’m looking for the cream-of-the-crop, a select group of Juniors to not only represent Jennifer Bates Photography but to join a long line of incredible girls who’ve become like family.

If you love getting your picture taken and have a fun personality then this is for you!  Applications are now being accepted for any high school Juniors wishing to be part of this Elite & Exclusive Senior Model Team.   ALL shapes & sizes should apply, this is not a beauty contest!  This is ALL ABOUT YOU and how excited YOU are to have your senior portraits taken.  Application deadline is Jan 8th.

Why join an Elite Senior Model Team?  (What’s in it for YOU?)

  • All 2018 Elite Model Team members will receive 5 FREE portrait sessions, including their senior session held during the summer of 2016
  • Your FREE shoots consist of a FASHION photoshoot, a Best Friends photoshoot, TWO BONUS SHOOTS (details will be revealed during our first info meeting!), and the highly anticipated SENIOR photoshoot
  • Models will receive FREE Professional hair & makeup for their Fashion photoshoot!
  • Models will also receive their very own unique phone app that shows their favorite pictures from 2 of their photoshoots to show off to friends
  • Models will also receive first pick of prime June dates for their full on-location senior portrait session
  • Models are given the opportunity to earn cold hard cash
  • Additional details & perks will be shared during our first information meeting.

What’s in it for ME?   There’s nothing better than working with young women who are completely stoked about getting their pictures taken – the energy and fun we have during shoots is freakin awesome.  (read my google reviews and you’ll be convinced!)  You’ll have some gorgeous senior pictures to share with your friends, and as an Elite Senior Model, your commitment to ME is simply to help me grow my business by talking to your friends about how fun your shoots were, and by sharing pictures from your shoots on social media…That’s it!!!  Basically helping me get the word out about how fun it is to work with me (if I do say so myself!)  No, really, we do have a ton of fun – you’ll love it!   Every friend you send my way will earn you cash and them an equal amount of studio credit, so it’s win-win!

Click the ‘Launch Application’ button below to submit your application TODAY!  (After all, what do you have to lose?!)  Be part of something amazing!

beach senior pictures


Mallory kicked off my Class of 2017 Senior season and I’ve been dying to blog about this beauty!  A JC/LISD Academy senior, Mallory is on my Elite Model Team and has been a complete joy to photograph!

Mall is the girl that my 17-year-old self would have been super intimidated to be around, because let’s face it, she’s stunningly gorgeous..(and my twiggy, no-boobs, style-less 17-year-old “all about sports” self was not even close to the ‘stunning’ category, so Mallory was the type of girl I would gaze at with envy.)  I believe it speaks worlds about someone, though, when you see their caring, sensitive, and loving soul up-close and personal and let me tell you, THIS GIRL… she is as beautiful on the inside as the outside.  So, I’m sure if I was 17 again, Mall and I would have been friends, and I’m so glad she chose to be part of my Model Team – it’s been such a pleasure getting to know her!

I can’t even think about your graduation, Mall… I’m already getting emotional over the thought of my entire Model Team graduating and moving on with the next exciting chapter of your girls’ lives!  …I’ll be crying buckets…

We held Mallory’s senior photoshoot in the beautiful downtown Chelsea, as well as a few other fun nearby locations to make sure she had a wonderfully diverse set of senior pictures to choose from.



Since senior picture season is in full-swing, I’ve been fielding a lot of questions about my Chicago photoshoots.   If you’re demanding completely unique senior pictures, this is your solution.  My Chicago destination shoots are super easy to coordinate, they’re fun, seriously unforgettable, and we will capture some epically stunning images!

Watch my quick 1 minute video then scroll to the bottom of this post for answers to frequently asked questions!

You’re also welcome to email me or visit my website’s contact page for additional info.

Brooklyn MI
Text/Cell 734-637-1547

Here’s a quick Q&A:

How much does this cost?
My session fee for Chicago destination shoots is $250 (vs my normal session fee of $125).  The session fee covers my time only and does not include digitals or prints.  Prints, digital files, and other products are sold separately.  I’m known for the gorgeous keepsake albums I create for my senior clients!

How much should we expect to spend on my son/daughter’s senior picture order?
Jennifer Bates Photography clients spend anywhere from $150 to $2500 – it literally depends on what you want in your hands when it’s all said and done, and what you’ve budgeted  for prints, grad cards, wallets, digital files, etc.

Do you sell digital files?
Yes!  I realize many clients want to create their own graduation cards, and they want to have the freedom to print whatever they want, whenever they want, so I offer a session USB for $1200.  I set you up with a reputable lab and provide instructions on how to order pro-quality prints & gallery wraps.

For the clients looking to just SHARE their images on social media, I offer a perfect custom phone app for just $99 (phone app images aren’t printable.)  For a sample custom phone app, please click here.  Following the prompts, this app can be installed on your phone (& can be deleted just like any other app), and is perfect for texting to friends & family!

How do we book you for a CHICAGO shoot?
Text, call or email me, and I’ll have you come in for a quick consultation so we can talk about clothing ideas, locations, etc. (we can also hold your consult over the phone, skype or facetime)  During your consult, we set a photoshoot date and I provide the address where we will meet and begin the photoshoot.  Done.  A few days before your shoot, I’ll reach out to you, to answer any questions.   On our photoshoot date, we meet at our predetermined address, then start shooting!  It really is that simple.

Weekday or weekend?
My destination shoots can be held on a weekday or weekend. Weekends book up very quickly with family functions, however.

Do we drive together?
No; we meet at a pre-determined Chicago address, on the day of your shoot.

What happens next?
Within 3 weeks of your photoshoot, we’ll meet back at my home-based studio, so I can show off the best-of-the-best of your stunning images!  (Special arrangements can be made if you live out-of-town)  During your Ordering appt, I’ll show a slideshow of your images several times, and you’ll notice that your favorites really start popping out at you.

After you’ve viewed your slideshow a few times, we begin narrowing them down to just your favorites.  I have a super easy, tried-and-true process for helping you select your favorite images that clients compliment me on all the time.  Once you’ve selected all of your favorites, you’ll place your order.  I have sample albums and prints and other gorgeous products out for you to touch & feel.  During this appointment, you’ll also pay for your order.  Then, depending on what you’ve ordered, prints will be ready within 3 weeks, album designs are ready within 3 weeks as well.

Questions?  Text me!  Or email me! 🙂  Jenn @ 734-637-1547 or  I look forward to working with you!


I love it when I get to photograph girls who either follow me on social media and are super familiar with my style of photography -or- when I’ve photographed them previously and have their complete trust, which was the case with this photoshoot (love you Morgs!)  These gorgeous teens were like putty in my hands, so easy to work with and FUN!  I photographed their Bestie photoshoot in beautiful downtown Tecumseh and absolutely loved how their photos turned out!!!  Enjoy!