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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Are we the only family who puts our beloved dog in the middle of the room and hold contests on who she’ll come to when we all call her name at the same time?   We get pretty obnoxious when it comes to vying for her attention and oh-my-gosh, she is SO SPOILED (…Neil.) Neil thinks Mazy loves […]

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I’ve know Amber for 6 years.  She is Neil’s best friend’s daughter.  Her love story with Jarrett started young – Amber and Jarret have been dating since high school.  Their love story is A-DORable – they first met while hanging out with friends at Adrian Mall, mutual friends introduced them.   After making several laps around the […]

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  • amber - March 20, 2012 - 12:01 am

    Soo cute Jen I loved itReplyCancel

The unexpected bonus of my job is that I get to meet amazingly interesting people and Michele was one such client.  When she came over for her family portrait consultation, we hit it off instantly.  She is former military officer who currently works as a yoga instructor in Jackson.  We found that we share a […]

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Go ahead.  Ask anyone that knows my parents and they will totally back me up.  I have the best parents ever.  And my kids have the best grandparents ever.  I literally struggle for words when it comes to describing how awesome they are.  And not, ‘awesome’, like, “Wow, that chocolate donut was awesome!” but rather […]

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  • Regan miller - March 1, 2012 - 9:19 pm

    This. Is. So beautiful I tears up:) completely true. They are indeed the most wonderful grandparents ever. Thy would do anything for us.
    Peace and blessing.
    Peace, and blessings <3ReplyCancel

  • Chris - March 1, 2012 - 9:56 pm

    Jen, John and I had brown bears. You had the Santa bear. Sorry. But that’s the fact Jack. Great pics!!ReplyCancel

  • Dad and mom - March 9, 2012 - 11:42 am

    We wish we could put into words what we felt while reading this, Jennifer. Unfortunately, you did not get your writing abilities from us. We can only hope that, as a parent, you know your heartfelt words touched us beyond belief. Your kind words will live in our hearts for the rest of our lives. You are, and always have been, a thoughtful, loving daughter.ReplyCancel

  • Dana - August 2, 2012 - 4:38 pm

    Okay Jenn, so if the post wasn’t enough to evoke some tears, the pictures surely do!! I’ve never personally met either of your parents, but over the years of our friendship, I’ve heard SO much about them. These pictures are such a beautiful way to show all they’ve been through together as a couple, as parents, as grandparents, and as friends. You can see the love in their eyes, and that’s priceless. Great job capturing the emotion and story in each shot…it’s what so many strive to do in this business, but often fall short of.ReplyCancel