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Family Pictures Fort Myers

…Because family pictures tell a story.  YOUR story.

This beautiful family and myself headed to a beautiful nature preserve in Fort Myers for their family pictures, taking full advantage of Southwest Florida’s fantastic weather.  The sun was absolutely perfect throughout our entire session.  Our session was so easy-going and I loved that. I had a great time getting to know this sweet family.  I’m honored to be the one to make “getting family pictures taken” a simple and fun event for them.

What to do with the digital photos from your family photoshoot

After their family pictures, when Cara and her husband came in for their Ordering appointment, I had multiple wall groupings pre-designed for them.  I can hear you saying, “What does that even mean, Jenn?!”  What it means is that you no longer have to guess what size portraits to hang, because my special software will help guide you towards the perfect fit for your own walls and I will personally help you select the best configuration, using your favorite photos.  You have no idea what you’ve been missing, but I’m happy you found me and I look forward to pampering you with my custom design service (included with every photoshoot!)  My goal is to make “Family pictures” effortless for you, in fact, I promise you that you’ll actually enjoy the process!

See you soon!
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Caloosahatchee-creeks-preserve-east-fort-myersCaloosahatchee-creeks-preserve-east-fort-myersCaloosahatchee-creeks-preserve-east-fort-myersCaloosahatchee-creeks-preserve-east-fort-myersCaloosahatchee-creeks-preserve-east-fort-myersCaloosahatchee-creeks-preserve-east-fort-myersCaloosahatchee-creeks-preserve-east-fort-myersCaloosahatchee-creeks-preserve-east-fort-myersCaloosahatchee-creeks-preserve-east-fort-myersCaloosahatchee-creeks-preserve-east-fort-myersCaloosahatchee-creeks-preserve-east-fort-myersCaloosahatchee-creeks-preserve-east-fort-myersCaloosahatchee-creeks-preserve-east-fort-myersCaloosahatchee-creeks-preserve-east-fort-myersCaloosahatchee-creeks-preserve-east-fort-myersArea you ready to schedule your very own family pictures?  I invite you to schedule a no-obligation consultation with me.   If you’d like to see more samples of my work, please CLICK HERE and HERE.


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